Shadow Puppet Brewing Company is an artisan brewery located in Livermore, California, specializing in unique, hand-crafted beers.

Puppet server software is a software which runs on the Puppet master machine. It is the machine which pushes configurations to other machines running the Puppet agent software. Enable official Puppet labs collection repository using the following command. Jun 14, 2019 · Puppet is an open source configuration management tool that helps you to manage the configurations of hundreds of client systems from the central location.. Puppet makes the admin’s life easier by reducing time spent on repetitive task and allows them to concentrate on other works, also ensures that the deployed configuration are consistent across the infrastructure. Digital Puppet Shows Santa’s Missing Mail, Billy Goats Gruff and Other Stuff, The Reluctant Dragon and more – puppet shows performed LIVE and available to you online! BUY TICKETS Click for BLACKLIGHT PUPPETS. We're and we're all about top quality puppets, puppet programs, puppet stages and puppet accessories. The name may be unfamiliar to you, but you can be sure the people behind the company have more combined years of experience in puppetry and puppet related products than virtually anybody else in North America - maybe even in the world!

This Terraform provider allows to connect to a Puppet Certificate Authority to verify that node certificates were signed, and clean them upon decommissioning the node. The provider needs to be configured with a certificate. This certificate should be signed by the CA, and have specific rights to

Our puppet ca cert was going to expire in about 18 hours so we set aside some time when no one else was working on other systems and madly searched the internet for tidbits of information to replace the cert. In our environment we have a Puppet CA Server, a puppetmaster, and puppetdb/dashboard server and about 200 nix clients. Prep Work

CLIENT ~ # rm -rf /var/lib/puppet/ssl/* CLIENT ~ # puppet agent -t info: Creating a new SSL key for info: Caching certificate for ca info: Creating a new SSL certificate request for info: Certificate Request fingerprint (md5): 8C:9E:6E:95:B8:70:B9:A2:98:CB:A5:87:BC:66:33:A4 Exiting; no certificate found

Melissa & Doug Firefighter Puppet with Detachable Wooden Rod (Puppets & Puppet Theaters, Animated Gestures, Inspires Creativity, 38.1 cm H x 22.86 cm W x 10.16 cm L) CDN$ 24.99 CDN$ 27.20 Only 6 left in stock - order soon.