Jan 07, 2017

The UDP length field is the length of the UDP header and data. The field data stands for the transmitted data. UDP checksum computation is optional for IPv4. If a checksum is not used it should be set to the value zero. IPv6 pseudo header. When UDP runs over IPv6, the checksum is mandatory. UDP - User Datagram Protocol | IPv6.com Aug 15, 2006 UDP Server-Client implementation in C - GeeksforGeeks Mar 22, 2018

UDP is faster, simpler and more efficient than TCP. Retransmission of lost packets is possible in TCP, but not in UDP. There is no retransmission of lost packets in User Datagram Protocol (UDP). TCP has a (20-80) bytes variable length header. UDP has a 8 bytes fixed length header. TCP is heavy-weight. UDP is lightweight.

TCP/UDP Applications on IPv6. Most of the complexity of IPv6 is down at the IP and ICMP layer, the IPng Working Group was not given the task of changing TCP or UDP. However there are some unavoidable application changes. RFC 2133 expands on this. Applications that are only going to support IPv4 rarely, if ever, need to be changed. The DNS server is a IPv6-only server, and the underlying host of this name server is configured with a local maximum packet size of 1,280 octets. This means that in the first case the response being sent to the Google resolver is a single unfragmented IPv6 UDP packet, and the second case the response is broken into two fragmented IPv6 UDP packets. In my current setup, OpenVPN listens to ipv4 and ipv6: proto udp proto udp6 dev tun My first question is here: while this seems to work, is it safe and correct to have both proto in one config file? My clients have two remote instances in the config: remote vpn.domain.tld port udp6 remote vpn.domain.tld port udp Sep 10, 2018 · This changed recently, when we started working on Cloudflare Spectrum support for UDP. Spectrum is a terminating proxy, able to handle protocols other than HTTP. Getting Spectrum to forward TCP was relatively straightforward (barring couple of awesome hacks). UDP is different. One of the major issues we hit was related to the MTU on our servers.

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ip - Why does the IPv6 header not include a checksum That saves processing time and speeds up the packet forwarding. The logic is that the layer-2 and layer-4 protocols each already have a checksum. The layer-2 checksum covers the entire IPv6 packet, and the layer-4 checksum covers the transport datagram. Where UDP has an optional checksum for IPv4, it is required for IPv6. iPerf - iPerf3 and iPerf2 user documentation Note for UDP, this is the datagram size and needs to be lowered when using IPv6 addressing to 1450 or less to avoid fragmentation. See also the -n and -t options. -m , --print_mss