Mar 23, 2018 · In /etc/init/*.conf file, you'll find the "respawn" directive which jump-starts a service should it crash unexpectedly or should the system reboot. Its normally enabled by default. Its normally enabled by default.

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Research Unix-style/BSD-style. Research Unix init ran the initialization shell script located at /etc/rc, then launched getty on terminals under the control of /etc/ttys. There are no runlevels; the /etc/rc file determines what programs are run by init. /etc/init.d contains scripts used by the System V init tools (SysVinit). This is the traditional service management package for Linux, containing the init program (the first process that is run when the kernel has finished initializing¹) as well as some infrastructure to start and stop services and configure them. Sep 23, 2019 · ls /etc/init.d/ If you want to get a more detailed list of all services and processes running in your Debian operating system, execute the following command. Systemctl list-unit-files