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Despite several attempts to delete the songs in my history by reinstalling Spotify or restarting my computer, all have failed. So I'm assuming that this data is stored in "the cloud" somewhere. This leads me to believe that the only way to restart would be to delete my account and make a new one with the same email address. Solved: Delete my music history - The Spotify Community Hello everyone. I have a problem with spotify history. I gave my spotify account my cousin and she used my account for 2 months and i changed my password. Now when i want listening weekly discover album and spotify recommended me bull**bleep** songs. How can i solve this problem ? thank you. [2020 Updated] How to Permanently Delete iPhone History

No. You have to delete your Cash App account and start a new one. Bear in mind that Cash App as a financial institution maintains records of transactions on accounts even after accounts have been deleted.

How to Erase Google Search History: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

You can also open your browsing history in the Firefox Library. To open this view, press Alt to show the menu bar, then choose History → Show All History. The keyboard shortcut for this view is Ctrl+Shift+H. When viewing your history here, you can highlight individual pages in your history and press Del to delete them. Right-click any item