Jul 11, 2017

Jul 25, 2017 How to Edit the HOSTS File in Windows - Lifewire Nov 15, 2019 Linux server tutorials: Ubuntu hosts file

sudo rm /etc/hosts then type in. sudo nano /etc/hosts Press CTRL + shift + V. Then your hosts file shoud look like this. localhost ASUS and then press Ctrl + X to save. That should restore what your father did. unless he deleted from the host file.

I have a new Ubuntu 12.04 VPS. I am trying to write a setup script that completes an entire LAMP installation. Where I am having trouble is appending a line to the /etc/hosts file. My current hosts How To Set Up Apache Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu 18.04

Aug 08, 2018 · Whenever you open a website by typing its hostname, your system will read through the hosts file to check for the corresponding IP and then open it. The hosts file is a simple text file located in the etc folder on Linux and Mac OS (/etc/hosts). Windows has a hosts file as well, on Windows you can find it in Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

How to manage my .ssh/known_hosts file - Server Fault Ubuntu by default hashes hostnames the known_hosts file (this is not the default openssh behaviour), to make it difficult for anyone reading the file to know what systems you access. If you really wanted to clean out the file, simplest option is probably just delete it and check the keys for servers you know as they arise, but really I'd just Ubuntu 18.04 LTS change hostname permanently - nixCraft Jan 22, 2020 How To Set Up Apache Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Apr 22, 2014 Ubuntu Manpage: hosts - The static table lookup for host names