If a file has been uploaded by a Trusted User, you can safely assume that the torrent is a good one (though you should still check the other things as well such as the name of the torrent).

Jul 03, 2020 Top 10 Free Torrent Sites for Movies of 2020 - 100% Working The feedback and comment system on KAT allows users to recommend good torrents and warn against bad ones. It makes downloading from KAT much safer than on other sites. It also comes in handy if you run into problems when downloading or accessing files. Other people may have run into similar issues and will post solutions as comments, or just be 5 Best Torrent Sites for Books + Audiobooks in 2020 (Updated)

Jun 26, 2017

How to use Tor for Torrents (but there's a better option) Jun 12, 2020

When KickAss Torrents closed in 2016, 1337x’s popularity increased. Whether you’ve visited a torrent site before or not, you’ll find 1337x really easy to use and navigate. As well as providing popular categories, you can also search for torrents based on filters like Oscar Nominations and Trending Torrents …

Jul 12, 2020 Finding and Downloading Torrent Files | HowStuffWorks Other sites that offer BitTorrent files directly include bt.etree.org for shareable music, Legal Torrents for music, videos and books, and BT on EFnet for recent television shows. When you find the file you want, right-click the .torrent link, choose "save target as" and save the file in a convenient place on your computer, such as the Windows