Fred Rogers' youngest son was accused of throttling his ex-wife during their stormy marriage in a jarring contrast to the idyllic world of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and the gentle TV icon himself.

Unlimited Data Plans: Rogers + Bell + Telus (Canada) Apr 27, 2020 Is Rogers Throttling Netflix? Michael Geist Wants To Know In Canada, Rogers, Bell and other telecoms were found several years ago to have been throttling certain types of traffic, including file-sharing and online video games, but the practice — at Rogers waiving long-distance fees, data usage caps amid Mar 16, 2020

Rogers throttling speeds when using VPN? I have 150/15the moment I connect to any server on two different VPNs, my speeds crash. So initially I started with private vpn as recommended by a buddy and for the first 10 days or so, everything was great. Since then, I'll connect to any US server and the max speeds I get are 30/10.

Rogers Fights BitTorrent by Throttling All Encrypted Apr 11, 2007 Rogers vows to cease Internet throttling | Financial Post

Jul 01, 2020 · The topic of ISP throttling in Canada is a hotly debated one at the moment. Most of the country’s internet service providers deny that they throttle, with the exception of Rogers Internet, which does throttle Netflix for its users during peak times.

Feb 28, 2015 CRTC finds evidence of throttling on Rogers Internet Canada's telecom regulator has informed Rogers Communications Inc. that preliminary results of an investigation into the company's Internet services suggests it engages in unauthorized throttling.